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my headcanon is that the remaining members of team science are going to put up a little sign in the morgue that says “What Would Beverly Do” and they always look at it when they’re feeling frustrated or lost on a case 


Fire Emblem Swordsmen Criticals

Fire Emblem Title Screens


Fire Emblem Sacred Stones

These images were shown during the credits, i find them so cool and sweet

1) Always post the rules.

2) Answer the questions from the person who tagged you and write eleven questions for them to answer.

3)Tag eleven people and link them to the post.

4) Let that person know they were tagged.

I was tagged by revenges-cry!!

1) Do you prefer chocolate or crisps? Chocolate! I love sweet things.
2) Rainy or sunny day: which of them do you like most and why? Rainy day because I find that it can be good for the mind.
3) What’s your favourite band? Well, not much a band…does Sting count?
4) What accent do you like? Norwegian ones…
5) Which languages do you like to speak? Eng/French/Polish a little
6) Any weird habbits of yours? Not really.
7) Do you sleep in underwear or pyjamas? Pajamasss
8) What annoys you to no end? When someone acts like they know about something they have no actualy clue about and try to put others down about it.
9) What is your biggest talent? I’m a writer…so writing I suppose!
10) Favourite lyrics? A few. “Who wants to know, all that is gold is rusted…” - Soldier on, the temper trap. and “Oh the roaring of chains and the cracking of timbers, the noise at the end of the world in your ears as a mountain of steel makes its way to the sea, and the last ship sails.” - The last ship, sting
11) Do you like to read fanfiction and if yes, which genre is the best? I have never gone out of my way to read it, only tiny snippets I see on my dash. 

Thank you so much for tagging me!!

My questions:

1. Favorite fire emblem game?

2. Favorite fire emblem character(s)?

3. Where would you live in the fire emblem universe? Which continent and which kingdom?

4. What class would you be in fe?

5. Favorite enemy in fe?

6. Are macaroons good?

7. Favorite television show?

8. Zip up hoodies or pullover hoodies?

9. Do you collect loose change?

10. How many pillows do you sleep with? Any stuffed animals?

11. What’s one feature you would love to include in your dream house?